This coronavirus toilet paper calculator knows if you’ll survive the quarantine

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The coronavirus pandemic has practically turned toilet paper into an ultra-valuable resource. So much sothsat people are afraid they’ll run out of it. But thanks to the internet, there’s now a tool that will help you forecast the amount of toilet paper you’ll need to last through the quarantine.

Yep, How Much Toilet Paper is a web-based calculator that lets you guesstimate how much wipeable material you’ll need to survive the pandemic. Simply enter the amount of rolls you’ve stocked and your average number of daily visits to the loo, and the calculator will crunch the numbers.

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Now, there’s a few things you should know. By default, How Much Toilet Paper assumes a 14-day period of quarantine, an average of 5 wipes per visit, 2 sheets per wipe, and 160 sheets per roll. Clearly, all of these depend on your specific situation. Personally, I’m quite liberal when it comes to sheets per wipe, so the default settings will inevitably fail me in the long run.

Don’t worry, though: You can head into the Advanced Settings section to adjust these to your habits.

Alternatively, you could try Got Paper? which gets more granular about your TP consumption patterns.

And if you want to avoid this hassle altogether, you can always go entirely paperless. We hear it’s the future.

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