This short movie gives an inside look into how Ilford makes its iconic black and white film

Since 1912, Ilford Photo has been making film rolls for photography enthusiasts from across the globe, giving recreational and professional photographers a way to see the world in black and white.

Earlier this month, Ilford released a fascinating documentary that offers an insider look into the film-making process – and the skills it takes to produce high-quality black and white rolls.

The docu is an intimate tour of Ilford’s factory in the village of Mobberley, England, just 20 kilometers south of Manchester, where the company crafts its contrasty 120mm and 35mm black and white film.

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Part of the secret behind Ilford’s quality and iconic look is its insistence on tradition. As you’ll see in the documentary, many of its employees have devoted well over 20 years to manufacturing film rolls in its Mobberley factory.

From emulsion making, R&D and coating to finishing, quality control, warehousing and distribution, for the first time ever we are officially taking you behind the scenes at Ilford Photo to show how your favourite black and white analogue products end up in the hands of photographers and darkroom printers all over the world,” Ilford wrote about the short movie, which was created by Dallas-based creative agency Exploredinary.

Check out the documentary in the video section above to get an answer to your questions about what goes into making a roll of film. It’s truly captivating – even if you’re not a fan of film photography.

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