Trump derails Twitter with a typo and we all covfefe

Trump derails Twitter with a typo and we all covfefe

It’s been an hour and a half and my Twitter timeline is still awash with jokes about President Trump’s latest tweet, in which he seemed to have lost interest halfway through a signature rant about being slammed by the media:

Interestingly, he hasn’t yet deleted the now-infamous tweet. And since the time he posted it less than two hours ago, ‘covfefe’ has taken over Twitter faster than any meme I’ve ever seen. For starters, has been snapped up, #covfefe is the no. 1 trending keyword on the platform across the US, and the midnight tweet in question is now the second most retweeted Trump tweet this month. And of course, it’s given birth to gems like this:

And this:

Oh, and this happened too:

Not bad for an after-hours surprise. Expect to see even more noise around Trump’s newly coined nonsense by sun-up.

Update: See, I told you:

Update 2 (3:25AM PDT / 12:35AM EDT): President Trump appears to have deleted the tweet. He’s since posted this: 

I’ll leave it to you lot to reply personally.


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