There’s now a game in which you build your own gaming PC

There’s now a game in which you build your own gaming PC

I’ve always wondered why simulator games (and an audience for them) exist for things like driving trucks, operating trains and being a goat: I guess they make sense for people who’ve actually tried and enjoyed those activities, or wanted to know what they feel like. (not sure about the goat thing though).

That’s why my inner nerd was excited to learn about PC Building Simulator, a game that lets you build a gaming PC with high-end components from scratch.

It’s still in its early stages, but it’s available now for free for Windows and Linux. Fire it up and you can get started assembling a PC by choosing parts, fitting them into the right slots, connecting cables and more.

That said, it’s presently little more than a demo for now, with a small list of components, basic graphics and limited gameplay mechanics (there’s only a tutorial for now, and a ‘career mode’ is in the works).

Still, it looks like it has potential, and I’d love to see it supported by hardware makers and fleshed out for a more realistic and engaging experience. Heck, plug the game into an online store to sell actual hardware for all I care – as long as it’s fun to play, I’d be happy to spend some time tinkering with a build like I did growing up.

You can grab the demo and pay what you want over on this page.

Via PC Gamer

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