The Rick and Morty Alarm screams its head off to make sure you’re on time

Drawing inspiration from smash-hit animation Rick and Morty, the Useless Duck Company is back with another glorious invention – and this time around it wants to make sure you’re always on time to your meetings.

Swamped in “work,” Useless Duck CEO Mike recently had the misfortune to miss a very important meeting after neglecting a reminder on his phone. Determined to never miss an appointment again, the intrepid inventor set out to build an alarm system that you simply can’t ignore.

Available for desktop and mobile, The Rick and Morty Alarm is a cutting-edge alert system that will scream its head off to notify you about your upcoming meetings and arrangements. All you need to do is set the time remaining before your appointment and the Rick and Morty Alarm will take care of the rest.

To put this ingenious creation together, Mike used a Windows Forms application that connects to an Arduino Uno. The Uno then triggers a stepper motor, which in turn raises a screaming sun sign accompanied by a god-awful yelling noise that nobody can possibly ignore.

Here’s where Mike got the inspiration for the quirky alarm system:

The Useless Duck Company is well-known for its fearlessly creative approach to problem-solving.

The gadget-maker has previously crafted a fully-automated lock that closes your door anytime you open incognito mode in your browser, as well as this slick automatic toilet paper dispenser

Check the footage in the video section above to get a better idea of how the Rick and Morty Alarm works.

The Rick and Morty alarm will make sure you're always on time on Arduino Blog

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