Watch Tesla’s new Ludicrous Plus mode crush Faraday’s claimed 0-60 time (by 0.001s)

Faraday Future made a big deal out of its FF91’s 2.39 second 0-60 time, which would theoretically be able to beat Tesla’s P100D 2.5 second Ludicrous Mode. But then Elon Musk fired back with an to yet another update to the vehicle, with a new ‘Ludicrous Plus’ mode essentially matching the FF91 at 2.4 seconds.

Now we have proof. The Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube was actually able to marginally beat Elon Musks claimed time, achieving a 2.389 0-60 time on a drag strip. To be clear, it’s not actually racing against a Faraday model – I mean, you can’t buy one – but it’s not like that would have affected the Tesla’s numbers.

Of course 0.001 seconds is an extremely insignificant difference which Farday could counter before its car becomes real (if ever). But the same could be said for Tesla; the P100D in the video is a car you can buy right now, with no special modifications (unlike the drag cars its competing against).

Meanwhile, Faraday Future wasn’t able to provide proof of the 2.39 speed, and the speed runs it did show off were in prototypes, not final cars with a production interior installed and safety regulations passed.

Teslas still have the potential to get even faster, too. A racing-modified P100D can purportedly hit 0-62 mph in 2.1 seconds, after some tweaks and shedding 1,100 pounds.


Tesla P100D Ludicrous Plus - How Fast Can It Possibly Be Drag Racing? Faraday Future Killer on Tesla Racing Channel [YouTube]

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