This bloody Home Alone remake is infinitely more hilarious

home alone, die hard

We may have recently wrapped up the festive season, but the holiday goofs and gaffes keep relentlessly coming back – and this latest one puts an unusual spin on everyone’s favorite Christmas classic Home Alone.

YouTube channel Bit Massive has released a PG-13 remake of the iconic comedy that adds more blood and gore to make the movie a tiny bit less unrealistic, but infinitely more amusing and hilarious.

Essentially, it’s sort of like Home Alone meets Die Hard.

Because let’s face it: Nobody can possibly walk out without any major injuries after getting their scalp torched on fire, their face smashed with a can of paint, their foot pierced by a nail, and their chest bashed with a giant swinging club – not even when your name is the Wet Bandits.

Check out the awesome Home Alone spoofs in the videos below.

via Sploid

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