These omnidirectional conveyor belts are a total trip

Factories might not seem like the coolest thing you could think of, but this recent innovation in conveyor belt technology is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

After having produced normal conveyor belts for a long time, Intralox felt it was time to revolutionize the market with magical machines that can freely move boxes and other items wherever they need to go in the factory.

Instead of using a traditional band to push things around, the system uses small, fully rotational wheels giving factories more freedom in how they handle the movements of their goods. These are individually controlled by a computer that’s connected to a system that recognizes the parcels and decides where they need to go.

Intralox also produces a slightly different version of the belts, that can be used in long stretches to line up items in a specific way. The speed at which it all happens is pretty crazy:

Man, technology can look so cool.

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