These T-Rex costumes are way more impressive than any CGI render

In a world where most movies have such a heavy use of CGI that real-life actors are becoming increasingly less relevant, it’s refreshing to see companies experimenting with special effects that aren’t computer-generated.

For its soon-to-be-opened dinosaur theme park Dino-A-Park, Japanese company On-Art Corp has been trying to create the perfect costume to be used by its staff.

The TRX-03 is their new eight-meter-high costume that uses carbon fiber to make its skin look as realistic as possible, while still being lighter than dinosaur costumes that are currently available. Because of its reduced weight, the performers inside are able to move faster, creating an even more convincing illusion.

As can be seen in the video, its presentation in Tokyo last week was quite the spectacle — shortly after the dinosaurs entered the room, one of them pretended to bite off the head of its fake caretaker.

I know one thing for sure — when this crazy theme park opens, I’ll be right there at the opening.

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