25 of the best tweets from the 2016 election – so far

25 of the best tweets from the 2016 election – so far

I think most people have been dreading today. Even though the act of democracy in itself is rather beautiful, election days are inevitably ugly. No matter who wins, we are guaranteed to see a messy whirlwind of vitriol and anger.

But there have also been some laughs. Twitter is filled with election day gallows humor. Here are some of the best tweets that made me laugh slash weep uncontrollably.

Britain offers tea and sympathy

Royal Jordanian spots an opportunity

This is actually how elections work



Britain has bigger problems.

Voters out (for Harambe)


Probably the only feel-good story of today. Cherish it.

Still better than a Vox explainer

A high-chair isn’t a platform

Eric Trump accidentally breaks the law


I always had her pegged as a Vermin Supreme fan, myself

A pretty apt metaphor

Ted Cruz still can’t get a break


Best vine of the campaign?

I’d put money on that

Fun fact: Hillary Clinton actually has a burn book


Less stressful than endlessly refreshing FiveThirtyEight

No, really.

Okay, that was pretty funny.

It begins.

Poor Twitter


My contribution (I’m sorry)

More to come

Provided that I’m not catatonic with sadness or fear, or that I’m not just completely shitfaced (and really, could you blame me?), I’m going to keep updating this. If you’ve seen any hilarious tweets, let me know in the comments below!

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