Twitter goes nuts for the penguin love triangle video riddled with passion and infidelity

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Last Friday, National Geographic graced Twitter with a brutally hilarious video excerpt from the Animal Night Fight series that involved an emotionally-charged penguin love triangle.

The footage captures a ‘husband’ penguin as he comes home to catch his ‘wife’ in the act with another male specimen. Things escalate quickly when, overwhelmed with feelings of jealousy, the rightful husband confronts the homewrecking penguin in a duel for the heart of the cheating wife.

Unfortunately for the husband, good guys don’t always win and the wife chose to continue her life with the homewrecker instead. But while this was a heart-wrecking moment for the husband, it ensued a barrage of ludicrous goofs and gaffes in the Twitterverse.

Here are some of the best reactions we could find:

Of course, some pranksters also made dedicated Twitter accounts for both the husband and the homewrecker.

The video has since gone viral and is now better known as the ‘Homewrecking Penguin’ clip. At present, the romantic deathmatch has accumulated over 240,000 retweets and approximately 300,000 likes.

Watch the oddly hilarious penguin fight in the tweet above or simply click here.

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National Geographic on Twitter

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