I’m seriously addicted to Boopy Club, Giphy’s weird new experiment


Not everyone likes nightclubs. They’re sweaty, dark and crowded places with loud music. If you recognize yourself in this, Giphy’s new experiment is for you.

Boopy Club is a weird web tool by LA-based digital artist Andrew Benson, mixing GIFs with live webcam footage and a lot of bouncy lines. There are tons of different brushes, animations and colors to play around with… a great distraction from adulting.

By putting layers of animated sprites over each other, you can create a trippy composition which can then be downloaded or shared on Giphy.

These are some of the things I was able to come up with:


I feel like an artist now. But it’s not nearly as good as one of Benson’s own designs.


Go ahead and try it out for yourself, and be sure to share your best creations in the comments.

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