This crazy RC helicopter doesn’t care about physics at all

Drones are cool, but like all technology, still imperfect. Because of their tendency to make crash landings and smash windows, flying them is becoming illegal in more and more places.

But while the tech world is obsessing over drones, radio-controlled helicopters are becoming ridiculously great. For example, take the ALIGN T-Rex 800E DFC performing a series of impressive tricks, defying the laws of gravity by swooping around like it’s a mechanic master of the skies.

Even though it only has one rotor, and drones often come with four or more, it still manages to stay in the air while going through its repertoire. It’s also more difficult to control — even though the helicopter is pretty stable, it’s a whole lot harder to control a single-rotor device than one with multiple.

If you can’t get enough of it, here’s one more — it’s just as incredible.



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