Memes are now officially more popular than Jesus


Christianity is pretty big — around 2.2 billion people consider themselves devoted followers of the church. But watch out, there’s a new religion in town.

As discovered by @kuwaddo on Twitter, Google Trends is now showing that there have been more searches for the keyword ‘memes’ than ‘Jesus’. After a long stretch of Jesus being more popular in searches,  the tide finally turned between August 21 and 27.

Jesus searches have spiked every year around the end of March during Good Friday and Easter, so the real test will happen next year. If the current growth in searches for memes continues, there’s a good chance they’ll be ahead for the entire year.

A Google Trends report might not count as a definitive ruling, but it’s not a bad reference — the search engine processes around 3.5 billion searches daily and gives a reasonable indication of what a big part of the world cares about. And that’s not our good lord.

Memes vs Jesus on Google Trends

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