Trump forgot to register critical domains and he’s not getting them back

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Donald Trump isn’t having the best of times. The polls aren’t in his favor, you can send him a dick lollipop for $10, and people are making fun of his tiny hands. Now it looks like he should keep a closer eye on his web domains – or more specifically, the ones he doesn’t own.

A year ago we wrote about the domains Trump had registered to make it harder for people to troll them, and his collection of over 3,000 URLs is impressive. But unfortunately you can’t cover everything.

Last week software engineer Brian Lam saw that one specific Trump-related domain was available for purchase, and had a little fun with it.

But that’s not the only one Trump forgot to buy. There are two bigger, more prevalent domain names that aren’t in his possession.

Both and were bought up by Chris Puchowicz in 2014, when the domains were up for public auction after failed to be renewed. After he successfully purchased both domains, he put up a post about the acceptance of people and Trump’s lack thereof.

Earlier this month, the message was changed to show the following message asking readers not to vote for him:

Even though his attorneys apparently sent Puchowicz a threatening letter when he bought the domains two years ago, he still owns both of them.

Donald, it sucks, but that’s just how the internet works. Maybe it’s time to brush up on those computer skills.


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