This exploding Galaxy Note 7 Halloween costume is the absolute bomb

galaxy note 7

It’s the spookiest month of the year, and people across the US are gearing up to impress their friends with this year’s Halloween outfit. Unfortunately, there’s already a clear winner — and it’s also a fire hazard.

While Halloween costumes typically range from celebrities to Tinder profile pictures, the recent trouble with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 made one partygoer get even more creative than usual.

Facebook user Chris Kiley shared his intricate creation on the social network in a short video that leaves a lot of questions about how it actually works.

I’m guessing there’s a tube system hidden under his t-shirt to blow smoke into the boxes, but it could be something else entirely.

And how did he get those boxes? I really hope Chris didn’t go through the effort of actually buying six Note 7s, because besides putting himself in serious danger, he would also not be allowed on any flights in the US with them. But maybe that’s a small price to pay for creating 2016’s scariest Halloween costume.

The scariest costume of all this Halloween is the Galaxy Note 7 recall on The Verge

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