This Japanese robotic cleaner is as useless as it is adorable

This Japanese robotic cleaner is as useless as it is adorable

Sure, iRobot’s ‘Roomba’ is functional, but it also lacks personality. Sleek lines give way to mechanical buttons, whirring noises, and the occasional thump as it slaps the wall before hastily retreating and trying again. It’s a remarkably efficient robot and it does it’s job well. It’s not, however furry and available in pink.

This Japanese robotic cleaner ‘Mocoro’ is. As with everything in life, there are tradeoffs. In this case, your new microfiber mop ball adds personality in the form of some cute noises and an overall warm and fuzzy demeanor, but you lose out on others… like clean floors.


It doesn’t have any reviews on Amazon, and we haven’t tested it ourselves, but I feel confident in saying that this fuzzball is better marketed as a cat toy than a cleaning aid. The robotic cleaner lacks any of the sensors that make other floor cleaners so smart, or um, you know, a vacuum. Rather than moving on to a new spot after cleaning it, or reversing course after running into a wall, this dumb little mop wannabe just keeps frolicking around your floor aimlessly.


Seriously, this thing is like a reject from a cleaning robot community college. But, it’s still damn cute.

I don’t know why anyone would want one of these things, but if you do, you can grab it on Amazon for $39.

This fuzzy ball is pretty much the only thing that's missing from your life on USA Today

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