Hack a Raspberry Pi to play your theme song when you enter a room

As a kid, I passionately followed the world of wrestling entertainment through WWF (now WWE) and WCW. The death-defying stunts and gripping drama made me want to be a professional athlete, but it was the fighters’ entrances, set to appropriate theme music, that made me want to be a superstar.

There’s something badass about walking into a room with music to announce your arrival. Now, thanks to the folks at creative agency Red Pepper, you don’t have to join a wrestling league to make that happen every time you enter your living room, office cafeteria or dorm.

The team has come up with a way to use a tiny Raspberry Pi computer, hooked up to a speaker and paired with an iBeacon to sense you approaching an area and playing your track of choice from Spotify. Red Pepper has also created an iOS app to make it easy to choose your song, and you’ll need to request access via email – but you could probably figure it out yourself if you can tackle a bit of coding.

It’s a fun little project that will surely make it more fun to step into the office or greet your partner in the bedroom. As for me, I’m converting my study into a makeshift ring and inviting my neighbors to give me their best shot.

My entrance music is ‘Beast’ by Nico Vega. Let me know if you’ve got a better one in mind in the comments.

Via Lifehacker

Doorjam on Red Pepper

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