Nest’s YouTube playlist uses home camera footage to solve all of life’s little mysteries

If you’ve ever captured something truly remarkable on a home (or work) security camera, you know just how real the desire is to share it with others. Nest, a Google-owned smart home company, is doing just that. Presumably, the footage is garnered from user submissions by Nest Cam owners, but it’s not really clear and Nest didn’t answer a request for comment.

So, we’ll just assume that some lucky schlub at Nest gets to sort through amazing user-submitted Nest Cam footage all day and decide what to put on its YouTube page. If not, I’d love to volunteer for the job.

The ‘Mystery Solved’ playlist on its YouTube channel offers some of the best, worst and funniest footage captured on both the indoor and outdoor Nest Cams.

The playlist helps users solve mysteries like: how did the neighbor’s car end up in my pool again?

Or, why does Amazon only send me broken things?

Or, is the lawn guy drunk again?

The playlist only has a handful of videos for the time being, but it’s a day old. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Mystery Solved on YouTube

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