Magical and revolutionary ‘Jim Beam Apple watch’ doesn’t have a headphone jack either

The Apple Watch will disappoint some people. It’s inevitable. The Jim Beam Apple watch will not, because it’s an expandable shot glass you wear on your wrist. How can that disappoint?

Dumb marketing gimmick, right? Sure, but it’s one the Kentucky distillery has really committed to. Apple has a distinct visual style, one you know when you see. This video nails that aesthetic, from the executive voiceover to the slow motion rotation shots of the “watch” itself.

And there are so many great deadpan lines here. The band is “available only in green, because some apples are green.” Oh, and don’t forget the dial:

The Jim Beam Apple Watch has a dial. It is also green, but it serves no purpose.

It’s a one-note joke, sure, but we think it gets an A+ for effort.

No word on whether this thing includes a headphone jack. Doesn’t matter. The Apple Watch can’t pour you a drink. The Jim Beam Apple watch can. Checkmate.

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