This supercut of virtual blackjack dealers saying “P. Ness” is hilarious because I’m 12

It’s the oldest prank in the book. You phone a bar or restaurant and ask to speak to your friend – called “Hugh Jass”, or “Amanda Huggenkiss”, or “Seymour Butz”, or “Maya Butreeks”. The person at the other end of the line obliges, and unwittingly says something a bit rude to the entire room. Upon realizing he’s been had, the person hangs up in a flurry of profanity and thinly-veiled threats.

So far, so Simpsons.

But one mysterious prankster has taken this a step further, and is now joining virtual blackjack games with the name “P. Ness”, causing dealers to say out loud the name of one of the more amusing parts of the human anatomy. Mr Ness recorded this in a highly-entertaining supercut, which you can watch above.

It seems one of the dealers knew his fate, saying “I’m already waiting for the video you’re going to make up of me”.  How right he was.

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