A squirrel stole a GoPro and the footage is surprisingly watchable

Apparently, GoPros look a lot like acorns if you’re a squirrel.

YouTuber Viva Frei found that out when a little critter stole his GoPro – which was on and recording – right from the ground.

The footage that ensues is a wild romp through trees and branches that looks like it belongs in ‘Avatar’ or that new Jungle Book movie. It would normally be hard to strap on an action cam to an animal this small (I mean, a GoPro is like the size of a squirrel’s head), but it’s a lot easier when the animal does the job for you.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, mind you. A similar video made the rounds in 2014, albeit with less exciting footage:

Moral of the story: Don’t let squirrels near your GoPro.

Or do. The results are fun.

Via GizmodoPetapixel

Squirrel take GoPro and gives best POV EVER!!! on Viva Frei [YouTube]

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