The new trailer for No Man’s Sky is making me impatient for the game’s release

Sure, Pokémon Go is the only game people want to play right now. But come August 9, the world will have another incredible title to obsess over.

No Man’s Sky, developed by indie studio Hello Games, is a procedurally generated survival adventure set in space, that will see players explore 18 quintillion planets in an attempt to reach the center of the galaxy. The game has a brand new trailer that gives you a glimpse of some of the alien lands, poisonous plants and massive dinosaur-like creatures you’ll encounter and – and hopefully, live to tell the tale.

Personally, I can’t wait to try it on PC – but it appears that Hello Games is aiming for an August 12 release date for Windows. The game is now available to pre-order for PS4 and PC.

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