‘And Chill’ is the Netflix recommendation bot you didn’t know you needed

‘And Chill’ is the Netflix recommendation bot you didn’t know you needed

Bots these days are all the rage, but the sad truth is: most of them kind of suck.

‘And Chill’ is different, it may actually be the first bot to provide a bit of value by making that ever-so-difficult “what should I watch on Netflix?” decision just a tad bit easier.

To use And Chill, you just message the bot on Facebook and ask for a Netflix recommendation. After answering a few questions to describe what you’re looking for the bot returns pretty solid recommendations based on your responses. Here’s a good example:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 12.34.56 PM

And Chill can be a bit slow to produce a response, but it’s typically pretty accurate when it delivers. It also drops the trailers with the recommendations, making it easy to see if the flick is a good fit for your query. The recommendations are solid overall and for a free service And Chill might just be the best option available to help put a stop to the paradox of choice.

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