The mind blowing amount of mobile activity online every 10 seconds

In the time it has taken you to read this first sentence, a shit load has happened around the world via mobile devices. Let’s take a quick look…

Now, granted, this is a marketing infographic based loosely on various sources of recent stats. However… in the past 10 seconds:

48,000 tweets have been posted
280,000 Facebook Likes given, and
87,000 new Snapchat pictures shared

Meanwhile… WhatsApp helped people connect:

Google helped the world search for a LOT of stuff:

Apple (unsurprisingly) made a ton of money:

…And these popular tech brands have been busy taking payments online:

See even more mind-boggling real-time stats like these here.

So the next time you pause for thought, just remember how much the world has already done online.

Mobile Usage Statistics on Deal Sunny

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