These malfunctioning toys will haunt your dreams forever

There’s nothing worse than having something you love turn his back on you.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens with all toys at some point. When the batteries on them run low, they become something completely different.

I’m not going to bother you with the technicalities behind this, the only thing you need to know is that that the dark side of your favorite plushie is only 2 AA batteries worth of charge removed from turning into the devil itself.

Proceed with caution — and be sure to you swap out those batteries in time.

This creepy giraffe just figured out that its life is meaningless and that it will never be able to get that Christmas ball off its neck.

A true classic. Watch how this guy breaks into hyperactive, ridiculously creepy dancing while its owners have a panic attack.

Technically not a toy, but oh my god — I’m never opening a beer again.

That stare makes you think — what does Louis know that we don’t?

I used to love these as a kid, but am sad to learn it could have devoured my soul back in the day.

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