Be an astronaut for the day with this live space dashboard

Be an astronaut for the day with this live space dashboard

Recent interest in space programs has been fuelled a lot by recent cool news such as spaceship Juno entering Jupiter’s orbit.

For most of us, however, becoming an astronaut will forever stay a dream as the chances of becoming an NASA astronaut are lower than 0,16 percent.

space dashboard

That doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy all that space has to offer.

Space Dashboard brings you 11 different feeds covering various aspects of happenings in our galaxy and beyond.

There are a lot of things to look at — from ISS live feeds and its location above earth, to the current state of NASA’s Deep Space network.

Also available are an aurora forecast to scope out the best places to view the Northern Lights, and the Planetary K-index used to check how heavy the current geomagnetic storms are. Don’t forget to scroll down to find more feeds hiding under the fold.

It’s truly amazing to see how much data we have gathered about space, and how we’re able to fit it all on one screen. If the page leaves you longing to explore the Final Frontier, why not just shoot for the stars and give your astronaut dreams a shot.

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