Tunnel Vision reminds you what to work on next, every time you open a browser tab

Tunnel Vision reminds you what to work on next, every time you open a browser tab

Ever find yourself aimlessly surfing the web when you really should be working? You probably lack a clear idea of what tasks to work on next and in this day and age distractions are just a click away. Well, you’re not alone. This has happened to me countless of times, which is why I decided to solve it once and for all.

Get back on track

Tunnel Vision aims to solve the problem by showing you what to work on, when you’re most likely to be distracted: whenever you open a new browser tab. The extension replaces your default ‘new tab’ page with an overview of the next steps you should take to complete each of your projects. It integrates with Trello, so there’s no need to input your todo’s all over again.

How it works

You install the Chrome extension (support for Safari coming soon), securely connect to your Trello account and Tunnel Vision automatically shows the first card in your “Doing” list of each Board. You can customize which boards and lists to use if you structure them differently.

The next time you open a new tab you will be greeted with an overview of all your projects and their next available task.

Tunnel Vision is available today

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