Time-waster of the day: Highscore.money

Time-waster of the day: Highscore.money

Want to waste 5 minutes and maybe even some money? I’ve got just the thing for you.

Highscore.money is a scoreboard where you pay to be included. The more you pay, the higher your score.

That’s it.

It’s almost like the real world, where money will get you the presidency, can keep you out of jail, and can buy you into the olympics. Or am I getting too cynical now?

I asked Marc Köhlbrugge (Who I’ve known for a couple of years and who’s also the guy behind BetaList) what the hell he was thinking for launching Highscore.money. His reply:

People spend a lot of money on nonsense just to impress the people around them. Turns out I’m good at cranking out nonsense so I figured I’d get in on that action. When you think about it, ultimately what people really care about is status. The rest is unnecessary cruft. That’s how I came up with the idea of a leaderboard. The amount you pay is your score. It couldn’t be simpler than that and it seems to be working!

My follow up question: how much money did you make so far, and how much do you expect to make in total?

So far I’ve made $770, although that includes $10 of my own money haha. In terms of expectations I’m aiming for a billion, but I’d be satisfied with a million. We’re at 0.077% now, but making progress!

That’s very optimistic. What will you do when you get to a million?

I’ll reinvest all the money into marketing so we can get to that billion ASAP.
Think big!
Okay, enough time wasted. Back to work all of you!

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