The viral Chewbacca mask lady has already been autotuned in a super catchy song

The viral Chewbacca mask lady has already been autotuned in a super catchy song

In case you were living off the interwebs this weekend, a woman named Candace Payne rocketed to viral fame after buying herself a Chewbacca mask and livestreaming the hysterical joy of trying her purchase – sound effects and all – for the first time.

Now, as is tradition with all the best viral videos, Payne’s euphoric episode has been autotuned by the geniuses of Schmoyoho, also known as The Gregory Brothers. That is to say, the same minds behind the infamous Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder (“hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife!”) songs.

It’s another instant classic:

Sure to join other seminal works like Beethoven’s ‘Symphony No. 9’ or Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ in the pantheon of musical masterpieces, it’ll probably also make Payne just a little more famous.

Not that she needs it; at over 137 million views and counting, her video has already become the most watched Facebook Live video of all time.

If by any chance you haven’t watched the original, you should get on that. Just make sure you’re not in a quiet place and be prepared for contagious laughter:

HAPPY CHEWBACCA MASK - Songify This! on YouTube

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