This is what a 4K view of earth looks like from space

Have you ever dreamed of floating in suborbital space and enjoying the views of our home planet from above? Or living aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and waving down to the people below?

Well, NASA’s latest video lets you experience just that. Armed with a nifty RED Epic Dragon, the crew on the ISS captured stunning 4K views of earth from above.


From orbital sunrises to astronauts inside the ISS playing zero gravity Ping Pong, there is an entire collection of 4K videos to let you explore life in space from all angles.

Of course, to see it in 4K you will need to have a high resolution screen, but even if you don’t, the views offered are still pretty awesome.

Via Engadget

Ultra High Definition (4K) Crew Earth Observations on Nasa Johnson (YouTube)

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