Watch 1,200 people fall on each other just to break a world record

Some people have a lot of free time – 1,200 people, to be exact. That’s how many humans turned up to participate in a “human mattress dominoes” record-breaking event, surpassing 2012’s record of 1,150 people.

We’re not exactly sure how this got started – all we know is that there’s literally a record for nearly everything and anything. The dominoes lasted 13 minutes and 38 seconds, with some people getting flat out slapped in the nose with a mattress, and others getting swiped in the crotch.


This year’s record took place in Maryland, USA by an electronics store that’s clearly found a way to let employees take out their aggression with one another instead of, I don’t know, focus on selling stuff?

If you’re wondering why that camera you ordered from Aaron’s hasn’t arrived, well, now you know. You snooze, you win!

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