Watch a Tesla race against a Boeing 737

While everyone’s eyes are on Tesla’s affordable electric car, the Model 3, it’s easy to forget that Tesla makes some pretty speedy vehicles. In a bit of a friendly competition, the company pitted its Model S against a Qantas Boeing 737-800 preparing for take-off.

The race is certainly speedy. The Model S goes from zero to 100 in three seconds — a feature that punches the $69,999 base model up to well over $100,000 if you want one in your driveway. It also benefits from that so-called “Ludicrous” mode, making it a pretty decent match-up for the stretch of runway they can compare it to.

Although the race could have easily been done just for kicks, it’s also to honor new benefits that Qantas will be providing to Tesla owners. If owning a speedy and slick electric car that can park itself wasn’t enough, owners will now be able to take advantage of an airline club membership and special chargers for Australian Tesla drivers.

Is that not you? Cool, it’s not me either. But we can all dream, can’t we?

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