This guy spent 3 years building an incredible, themed marble machine

Everyone’s got a hobby, but I’m not sure anyone’s is as cool as this guy’s: a Reddit user posted his incredible marble machine that’s been in the works on and off for over three years.

Not only does it have ski jumps, a castle, a bowling alley and a miniature golf course – it’s entirely automated and can keep going endlessly.

The machine isn’t done yet, with painting not completed, but it’s still an incredible thing to casually have in your garage. The user wrote that “many of the elements [used] are places I’ve been” and that they studied “a bit of mechanical engineering.”

It’s made out of plywood and balsa wood and can take more than sixty marbles per minute through the course, with a total of 300 marbles at any time.

Marbles can also go one of six different directions which end up down one of 32 unique paths, just to add an extra layer of awesome.

At the end, when it’s completed, he hopes to sell it rather than pull it apart. The machine is so complex it took a week to record it all – so get ready to be mesmerized.

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