This site lets you dig through your favorite vinyl from the golden era of hip-hop

This site lets you dig through your favorite vinyl from the golden era of hip-hop

If you’ve been reminiscing  (I reminisce, I reminisce) over the good old times when you could go to a vinyl store and readily browse golden-era hip-hop albums, this website might just be the place for you.

Digging Into Hip Hop (dihh) is a hip-hop-themed 3D interactive website that simulates the experience of digging for underground hits and 90’s classics in a vinyl store.

“The experimental crate digging experience” – as creator Valentin Ledrapier describes it – lets you tap into the 90’s nostalgia and rummage through numerous records.

hip-hop records crate

The interface lets you navigate through the crates using your mouse wheel and arrow keys or just by clicking and dragging on the records.

Once you come across a title that grabs your attention, you can click on it (or press space) to take the record out, access additional info and spin the track.

The website also features an embedded video player as well as Disqus-powered comment section. Additionally, the vinyls are linked to the popular music database Discogs where users can look for further references.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 13.11.08

To make this nostalgic experience a reality, the website uses an open source engine built in WebGL with Three.js that is available on GitHub.

So far Digging Into Hip Hop’s selection includes only two crates totalling over 60 records, but the site says new titles are being added all the time.

However, don’t be surprised if some of the records are not available in your region since most of the songs are hosted on YouTube.

With a list including legendary names from the likes of Pete Rock, The Beatnuts, Redman and more, Digging Into Hip Hop’s selection aims to satisfy both casual as well as hard-core fans.

Go dig the crates for your favorite 90’s gems here.

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