First look at Oculus exclusive ‘Dragon Front’ proves even card games are cooler in VR

Game developer High Voltage just debuted its new offering for the Oculus Rift, a turn-based collectable card game called ‘Dragon Front’ that looks a little like ‘Final Fantasy’ and a lot like ‘Magic: The Gathering’ with a little bit of a ‘Risk’ mixed in for good measure.

Dragon Front gives players the choice between four warring factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The goal is simple, take to the battlefield (a 4×4 grid) and defend your characters’ HP while attacking your opponent with a custom deck made of 30 out of the 250 available cards. Oh, and mind your Mana, son.

Players can choose from single player matches where they face of against the AI, or multiplayer matches between friends or online players.

Dragon Front is expected to drop in the first half of this year, and three additional add-on packs are currently in the works.

Dragon Front on Oculus Rift is a new world of card combat [Polygon]

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