Brilliant and terrifying gaming experience Danganronpa comes to Steam this month

Brilliant and terrifying gaming experience Danganronpa comes to Steam this month

There are a lot of well-loved Japanese franchises that don’t quite have the same pull in the rest of the world, but wholly deserve to be loved by audiences all over. Trust me when I say there’s a reason why ‘Danganronpa’ should be one of those franchises, and it will have its chance when the first installment of the series, ‘Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc” is released as a PC port on Steam on February 18.

Without giving too much of the beauty and wonder of this visual novel meets ‘Phoenix Wright’ style detective game, ‘Danganronpa’ capitalizes on dark dystopian elements of teen horror-dramas like ‘Battle Royale’ while retaining some black comedy elements. Fifteen students remain in a lockdown of their school, Hope’s Peak Academy, and the only way to escape is if one of them commits murder and gets away with it.

Madness, mayhem, and, of course, murder ensues, presided by the evil and sadistic robotic bear Monokuma.

The port to PC is a great opportunity for a wider American audience to appreciate this twisted title before new content comes forth. Spike Chunsoft has been working away on ‘Danganronpa 3’ — which will supposedly be available for both PS Vita and PlayStation 4 — as well as a companion anime for a debut this year.

Danganronpa [Steam]

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