Watch an engineer lift a Mini Cooper with his homemade exoskeleton

Powered exoskeletons aren’t just a figment of game developers’ imagination that give characters remarkable abilities like superhuman strength. They’ve been in the works for years for military applications, as well as to support workers who use heavy tools for prolonged periods of time.

Inventor James Hobson, a.k.a. The Hacksmith, has been building his own exoskeleton designs for the past couple of years and he’s previously shown off their capabilities in helping him lift 275 lb-Olympic weights.

His latest venture: to lift a 2,524 lb Mini Cooper using his latest prototype.

Hobson uses the lower half of a homemade exoskeleton to pull off the feat. It’s pretty spectacular to think he put it together in his garage.

Hobson says his next mission is to build the upper half of the exoskeleton for a variety of real-world applications.

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