This is why you shouldn’t submerge yourself in a 500-pound tub of putty

Have you ever played with a handful of putty and thought, “Hey this would be fun to just totally bathe in?” No? What kind of straightedge life are you living? Anyway, if you were ever curious about what would happen if you tried encasing yourself in large quantities of the gummy substance, the folks at Vat19 are here to illustrate.

Using 500 pounds of Liquid Glass Thinking Putty, Vat19 filled a tub full of the sticky stuff and sent a model down for the plunge.

At first he slowly dipped in…


… which makes putty look like a fine substitute for a mattress. I see you over there hovering the purchase button for five dozen counts of liquid glass.


Wait! But then, the body hair.


And of course, actually getting out.


Think about how heavy putty is, and the idea of it engulfing your chest, making it difficult to breathe. Then imagine trying to get out of that without hyperventilating. This stuff is not for the claustrophobic types.

Basically, don’t try this at home. Or at all. Thanks, Vat19, for helping us learn that the easy way.

➤ Vat19 via Gizmodo

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