Watch Homer Simpson take Mr. Plow’s marketing online in new YouTube ad

Google today released a blog post detailing some tips for small business owners using YouTube to gain more customers – and it found no one better to illustrate the ease than Homer Simpson and his snow removal company, “Mr. Plow.”

The short spot is a cutesy clip that highlights the outdatedness of paper classifieds, and how taking your business online may increase visibility and overall sales. Google collaborated directly with 20th Century and Gracie Films for the original animation, which, according to Google, is “rare.”


Sure, we’re all used to skipping YouTube pre-rolls nowadays, but you can’t fault the Simpsons household for trying. There’s a sweetness to seeing some OG 90s pop culture characters embrace new age technology. If that jingle doesn’t leave your head for the next 30 minutes, I apologize in advance.


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