You can get an iPhone 6s for donating sperm in China

You can get an iPhone 6s for donating sperm in China

Sperm banks in China are offering men the price of an iPhone 6s in return for their donations, the Changjiang Times reports.

The Renji Hospital in Shanghai is offering donors 6,000 yuan ($940) if they are willing to make regular donations.

While the money could be used for anything, the hospital is interestingly using the attraction of the new iPhones to lure men through the door.

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The hospital’s website features several images of iPhones with things like “no need to sell your kidneys, easily have a 6s” underneath.

There are some stipulations though – donors must be at least 5ft 4″ in height, have a college degree and pass a full medical examination prior to being accepted. Then the men have to commit to donating 17ml of their semen within a period of six months or less before getting the full amount.

So, what do you think? Would you donate your sperm to get an iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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