Never see a Unicorn again with this handy plug-in

Never see a Unicorn again with this handy plug-in

Unicorns this. Unicorns that. It seems like a new tech start-up is reaching that mythical $1 billion valuation every day, so if you’re tired of hearing about those dang unicorns, then here’s a Chrome plug-in for you.

Simply called the Unicorn Replacer, it calls out these companies for exactly what they are: pre-IPO startups worth $1 billion or more.

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It’s direct and honest, and sure makes for a headline-killer. Here are a couple headlines and clips from around the web — including a few TNW articles. Yeah, we know we’re guilty too.

So download this plug-in and reserve unicorns for your Lisa Frank sticker book.

(h/t to Daily Dot’s Selena Larson for pointing this gem out to us.)

Unicorn Replacer [Chrome]

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