Hole Quest: When Twitter turns your real life into a point-and-click game

Hole Quest: When Twitter turns your real life into a point-and-click game

As someone who got trapped in an elevator yesterday, I feel for Ryan North. Luckily for North though, he had the luxury of a pocket computer and fresh air when he got stuck in a skateboarding pit yesterday evening.

The comic book artist cleverly turned to Twitter to ask for people’s advice on how he and Chompsky (his dog) could get out.

North explained to his followers that the sides of the pit were too slippery and steep to toss Chompsky out the top and follow himself. All he had at hand was his umbrella and ‘pocket computer’ (assume he means smartphone), so Twitter turned into a point-and-click game of sorts as users attempted to solve the real-life riddle.

Some of the advice was inventive, but impractical.

Others seemed a little more feasible…

But didn’t end well.

North got a little frustrated after half an hour of trial and error.

But he remained optimistic… Unlike some of his followers.

Luckily, Twitter coughed up a viable solution in the end.

After 20 minutes of panic and 40 minutes of rallying the Twitter troops, North and Chompsky were finally free and it seems like people were really inspired by the saga.

You can follow along the entire ‘Hole Quest’ on North’s Storify:

So, next time you get stuck with some time to spare (or not), you know where to turn.

➤ Twitter combines everything in man’s inventory to help him escape pit [BoingBoing]

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