This is what happens when you bring a 4K camera to space

Here’s something you’ve always wondered about: How does an effervescent tablet dissolve in water under weightless conditions? What? This did not top your list of life’s burning questions?

Well, get ready for an eye-opener. In one of the first of its kind video recordings, International Space Station astronauts tested the 4K RED Epic Dragon Camera by having it capture the “fluid behavior” of an effervescent tablet dissolving in a floating ball of water in the ‘microgravity environment’ of space.

Just a bunch of wacky scientists horsing around.

nasa floating ball

The RED 4K camera can capture video at four times the resolution of regular HD cameras, so those high resolution images and frame rate videos surface massive amounts of information for scientific inquiry.

The cameras are being evaluated for data capture and vehicle operations by NASA engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

nasa 4k vid

The RED camera is the same model used to record theatrical releases such as ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy and various TV programs.

Be sure to check out the other two videos featured on the YouTube page.

Who needs cable?

Tip: To do this footage justice, be sure to adjust your YouTube settings to ‘2160p 4k’.


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