Fall in love with these gorgeous 8-bit GIFs of Japan

Fall in love with these gorgeous 8-bit GIFs of Japan

Japan is a country caught between two worlds, blending together its feudal architecture and traditional ways with the fast-paced technology that is so core to its modern identity. Somehow, the series of GIFs developed by Tumblr user 1041uuu captures the beauty and dichotomy of Japanese everyday life. Maybe it has to do with the absolutely nostalgic 8-bit treatment?


The animation used in each GIF is very subtle — rain drops, a moving skyline, or cherry blossoms falling off of a tree — which adds to the quaint yet hypnotic elements of each scene.


Some focus on the more urban areas of Japan, while others find beauty in nature.


The infinite nature of each GIF is also very clever — even animals or people placed within a scene have a circular rhythm to them.


They’re pretty dang sweet.

1041uuu [Tumblr]

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