This 4K video of Iceland is flippin’ gorgeous

This 4K video of Iceland is flippin’ gorgeous

Prepare your eyeballs, because the beauty of Iceland in 4K is nearly too much to handle. A couple of filmmakers studying Audiovisual Media at the Stuttgart Media University in Germany spent 14 days in the land of hot springs and smoked lamb to capture its wilderness.

Iceland is an alpine tundra, a biome that covers approximately 3 percent of the Earth’s surface and is characterized by mountains, jagged rocks and sparse shrubbery. The result is a beautiful, barren looking landscape with snow, jagged rocks, and little wildlife.

It’s face-meltingly stunning.


And clouds puff by in an endless stream.


They also managed to find an abandoned plane, which remains eerily gorgeous.


And the ocean is so hypnotic.


Check out the video below.


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