Nivea made a terrifying doll to teach kids the importance of sunscreen

When you grow up in a tropical place, remembering to put on sunscreen might not be something you prioritize before a day out in the sun. Especially if you’re a kid.

To teach (or scare) children into learning about the dangers of sunburn and why they need to use sunscreen, Nivea worked with a Brazil-based advertising agency to create dolls that get horrifying sunburns when they’re left out in the sun without a little slather of sun block.

sunburn dolls

After mastering the realism of what sunburned skin looks like, the team then gave these dolls out to kids playing on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. After their dolls become happily fried, kids can remove the red hues by applying sunscreen onto their UV-sensitive toys.


It’s a clever way to educate kids about the effect of sunscreen on human skin to a freakishly realistic effect. Sure, we know what sunburns look like, but no one turns purple in matters of minutes… and still manages to sport that undying smile.

But who knows, we’re no expert on masochism.

YouTube via Gizmodo

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