This might be Snapchat’s best product to date

This might be Snapchat’s best product to date

I had not anticipated this. This I had not anticipated.

Although I perfectly qualify under the millennial age group, Snapchat‘s never really been my thing. Maybe it’s because I like things that aren’t so disposable, or temporary. I’ve had friends call me the human version of Timehop based on all the memories I unwillingly tend to remember.

That’s why Snapchat’s newest product offering might just be the perfect thing to get me into the company. Introducing Ghostface Chillah, the official plushie of the Snapchat mascot. It comes in two sizes, small and large.

snapchat ghost doll

Sure, those of us in tech may have homes filled with useless startup junk, but it’s hard to come by souvenirs from one of today’s most popular social networks.

Also, I know cute when I see one. And Snapchat’s “Literally Can’t Even” original series ain’t it.

If you’re looking to get a piece of the Snapchat action, you can grab yours now on Amazon for $9 or $18, based on the size. It’s not yet been reviewed but are you serious? Get in the, ahem, spirit.

➤ h/t @nickcicero

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