Explore the Marvel universe with this dedicated search engine

iMarvel Search Engine

A new search engine dedicated to the world of Marvel comics has arrived, doing away with the need for you to dig around in your garage for that boxed-up 2003 issue of Hulk: Nightmerica you wanted to check out.

Making use of Marvel’s new open API, the unofficial search engine surfaces a range of details on Marvels vast comic book history.

The ‘iMarvel’ search engine, created by US-based developer Filix Mogilevsky, can query either comics or characters.

Typing in a query will offer up suggestions as you type, and will in-turn deliver a visual results page for you to peruse. Clicking on a result will reveal more details, such as a comic synopsis, front cover and creator details, along with an external link back to Marvel’s official site.

You can start your deep-dive into 70 years of Marvel history at iMarvel.co.

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