You can now have Elmo send abusive messages to your friends

You can now have Elmo send abusive messages to your friends

Ever wanted to have a cute, cuddly, and all around good Sesame Street character call and verbally abuse one of your friends for something stupid they’ve said or done? Well, your wish has come true.

Today on Product Hunt you will find exactly what your heart has desired: Abusive Elmo on Demand (NSFW).

You simply enter in your friend’s name, phone number, and why they are deserving of an abusive phone call from a beloved children’s television character, and Elmo will ring and give them hell for you for free. If you want to hear exactly what Elmo may say to your friend, there is a sample message on the site for you to judge for yourself.

If it sounds similar to another viral thing related to doing horrible things to your friends, you’re right on. Abusive Elmo on Demand was indeed created by the same guy behind Ship Your Enemies Glitter, Mathew Carpenter. Ship Your Enemies Glitter became so viral that Carpenter didn’t want to deal with it anymore and sold it on Flippa for $85,000.

Sounds like this guy has some terrible friends that he wants to constantly torment.

I gave abusive Elmo a try, and it wasn’t an automatic thing. I entered in my number and I’m still waiting for a call from Elmo.

It’s likely the site won’t last very long for a couple of reasons: 1.) Overwhelming demand; 2.) Big Bird may send a cease and desist letter (what with Elmo being very much a trademarked piece of intellectual property) and/or 3.) Carpenter might sell off the site (he does have a track record of doing that when something blows up).

As you probably can imagine, there are some mixed feelings about a foul-mouthed Elmo.

Even Reddit has a few opinions too, mainly over concern about the possibility of their friend’s phone numbers being sold, and how the sample call wasn’t a convincing enough Elmo impersonation.

Feel free to give it a go yourself, but you may be waiting a while to reap the benefits – it sounds like there’s quite a backlog building up.

Abusive Elmo on Demand

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